About Us

Go Records Inc was founded in 2003 by Mr.Robert Goins. Go Records Inc released it’s first single “Pump Up the Gas” by Tempest in 2003.


Go Records Inc hottest release was “Gettin Money” by Kollabo in 2012. Go Records Inc is a company that supports artists and artists development. Go Records is always looking for a certain sound, unique talent, and humble artists that are willing to grow with us. We believe in developing our artists to their fullest potential. We also create and develop a promotional and marketing strategy for all our artists. We listen to all types of music genres. We also allow our artists to participate on levels of development of their careers.

CEO/President Robert Goins
Vice President Kinane Mannerson
Director of Merchandise Brother (Jay) Birthwright
Promoter/Motivational Speaker David Jackson 
Platinum Song Writer/Artist: Robert Allen
Official DJ: DJ Mike Spot

Robert Goins/Master Ice


Robert Goins is a Bronx, N.Y. native that was destined for stardom from an early age. When he was just 13 years old he was given a contract with the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus, perhaps the world’s most famous circus. Robert Goins was the leader of the second unit in the King Charles troop, a unicycle group that was world famous. In 1977 he appeared in New York Magazine in a five page article highlighting his achievements as he performed for President Carter.

Robert Goins true talent lay in the music world. In 1982 he signed with Star Vision International Records and did shows with various artists such as The Force, M.D.’s, Africa Bambatta, Treacherous 3, and Master Don and the Def Committee. Robert Goins, known as Master Ice, opened for a group called Double Exposure, for a party hosted by Von Harper on WBLS, and in 1983 he released the smash hit.

“Party Rap” and “Unicycle Rap” while performing on unicycles. This had never been done before in the history of hip hop.

In 1992 he founded Ebony and Ivory records in which he produced the smash world wide hit “United” by Ray Day featuring Jacquelyn Studomire. The hit became #2 on the charts. He would later produce “A Man is a Man” by Capital C and in 1999 he released “No Woman No Cry” by Michael Livingston.

Robert Goins is also the founding CEO of GO Records and in 2003 he produced the hit single “Pump up the Gas” by Tempest. He has been in variouis hip hop magazines such as Xplosive, Asis along his longtime friend “OG” Larry Davis and even ASCAP Playback Magazine. Robert Goins has expanded into the movie business with his debut on the silver screen in the movie Muhammad Ali the man Muhammad Ali the fighter. He co-stared in the movie Justice System directed by Paul De Silva and appeared in Malcolm X directed by Spike Lee.

In 2005 Robert Goins also worked behind the scenes with directors Jeff Stanzler where he did the second casting for the film “Sorry Haters” starring Robin Wright Penn, Abdel Kechiche, Elodie Bouchez and Sandra Oh. In 2006 he conducted the second casting from his office for the blockbuster film “American Gangster” directed by Ridley Scott and starring Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. In 2008 he did the PA work and was interviewed and appeared in the BET Series “American Gangster” feature “OG” Larry Davis. The show was the highest rated episode in BET history. Robert Goins is currently working with Jack Finkelstein and Nihali Entertainment in putting together a production company to produce movies.

Robert Goins is co-founder with Jack Finkelstein in The Entrepreneurial Center and The TEC Center, Inc.. A not-for-profit and for-profit organizations that plans to dramatically reduce the drop out rate of high school students. This situation is called The Silent Epidemic whereby 25% to 50% of the students do not graduate. The Entrepreneurial Center, also known as TEC, will teach students how to think and act like entrepreneurs, will also teach them a trade, fund the upstart cost of the business, and partner with the members to insure success. This is the only organization of it’s kind in the United States and TEC plans to attract at least 1 million members during it’s first year in operation. In addition, TEC is planning to expand it’s unique educational philosophy to other countries.
For more info on the Stay in School Program, click here



Kinane Mannerson aka KayOmega was born around the crack epidemic in New York City. He went to school with artists like “loon” and “Shiest Bubz”(Purple city Byrd gang). In 2000, KayOmega started out as a produced and along with Shiest Bubz produced “Unkasa’s”, “Touchdown” and Hell Rell’s “He-Man” which happen to be classic underground hip-hop music to this day.  Around the same time, KayOmega went to college and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business and graduated in 2005. A few years later, they put out a 4 track ep on iTunes  digitally distributed by Island Def Jam in 2007.  Afterwards KayOmega stopped recording songs and started seeking behind the scenes credit. In 2011, Kinane “KayOmega” Mannerson received a position of Vice President at Go Records Inc and remains so.

Brother (Jay) Birthwright


Jay Birthwright was born in 1965 in the Lincoln Projects of Harlem. He grew up with groups like The Devastating 3 (Ive West, Dee Smooth, Vaughn Jeter) , The Get Fresh Crew and BIZ Markie. He lived with family of tailors and seamstress’ and went to his first sewing school at the age of 12. The Hip-hop circus was a big part of Jay’s life in his pre-teen years and worked with the King Charles Unicycle Troupe. He was part of the first black circus act in Ringling Brothers Barnamum Bailey Circus. At the age of 14 he held his first summer as a camp counselor. During his life Jay became a member of one of the first acts (The Most), signed by Biz Markie & Cool Vee Record Label. He organized youth entreprenuer camps in the Hip-hop community (Teaching Sewing Workshops) , the 1st Kid Amateur Night at Apollo Theatre, was a Harlem Vendor at 125th Street (aka ‘THA MADD HATT’A’-MANN-HATT’N) and was in the forefront of the infamous “Hip-hop Hat”. He has done the styling and merchandising for several hip-hop videos and groups such as Treach/ Naughty by Nature, Doug Fresh, Biz Markie, Positive K, M.O.P., TIC & TAC Allstars, and Bad Boy Records. He was Production Assistant for Universoul Circus 1st Harlem Day Parade, organized the 1st Hip-hop Pioneer Dat at the Universoul Circus (Brooklyn), and worked on several projects such as THE Boys & Girls Club (NYC, NC, SC, ATL, Las Vegas), P.A.L. and the YMCA (with Brother A.D. & LA Sunshine). He has also co-produced the Zulu Nations 40th Anniversary Family Day Celebration (featuring DJ GLO, BBOY CY’RIQ & BBOY TORMENTA).
Jay is currently the Activity Specialist at the Teen Program called “S.A.F.E.”(Stop all the Feuding in East Harlem) , the Fashion Director at the Online Community Radio Station(S.A.F.E Harlem) and the Director of Merchanidse at Go Records Inc.

 Robert Darrell Allen/Pow Wow


Robert Darrell Allen, aka Pow Wow was born and raised in The Bronx, NY on December 25. Pow Wow, as he prefers to be called is a “Hip Hop Legendary Pioneer”, with enormous recognition all over The World! A legendary “B” Boy and one of the main member of The World Renowed ZuluKings; he traveled throughout the 5 boroughs of NYC, along with Marcus (Rockwell) Eddy; this made The Zulu Kings very well known and they were highly respected for their “B” Boy talents. Pow Wowlater become an MC and an original member of DJ Afrika Bambaataa and The Soul Sonic Force MCs,who  are  responsible  for  such  recordings  as,  “Planet  Rock”, “Looking  for  the  Perfect  Beat”, “Renegades of Funk”, “Frantic Situation”(one of the soundtracks from the Infamous Hip Hop Movie, “Beat Street”, which Pow Wow appeared in), “Celebrate”, and “They Made A Mistake”. Pow Wow hasalso done recordings with other Hip Hop Greats,  such as Grandmaster Melle Mel,  Busy Bee and Starski, Prince Ikey Cee (of The Legendary Cosmic Force), and The Legendary Band, Trouble Funk from Washington, DC.
Throughout his musical career, Pow Wow has and is still recognized internationally as a performer, songwriter, music producer, networker, talent scout and community liaison. Pow Wow’s career has given him the opportunity to received prestigious honors and awards on his achievements, including a Proclamation from The City of New York, a Hip Hop “B” Boy Awards, a Hip Hop Humanitarian Awards, a BET Honorees Award, and an Inductee into The Hip Hop Hall of Fame.
By The Grace of God and Pow Wow’s LOVE for Music, these attributes has given him the opportunity to perform in stadiums, arenas, concert halls and theaters all around The World. Which created his fan-base following and popularity, still today…Worldwide!
At  present,  Pow  Wow  is  working  with  Artists,  Groups  and  DJs  from  Hip  Hop,  R&B,  Pop, Contemporary Jazz and Contemporary Gospel. He is also a PROUD FAMILY MEMBER of Robert Goins /GO RECORDS, INC.. Pow Wow is still performing with Pow Wow and His “TRIBE” and THE SOULSONIC FORCE MCs..

DJ Mike Spot

DJ Mike Spot began his claim to fame in the early 80’s as the number 1 dj at the club Rooftop Harlem USA. He continued to play music at bars and lounges throughout the city. DJ Mike Spot was the first dj on the Robert Goins show in 2009. He is currently number 1 dj for Go Records Inc. DJ Mike Spot is continually performing his craft throughout the country. He will be appearing in a new television series called Chronicles. His ability to mix old school music as well as today’s music is uncanny. DJ Mike Spot a Harlem legend.