Dash and Rain



Dash is pure Hip-hop. His Raspy vocals and bouncy delivery combined with his street credible lyrics and impressively adaptable flow make him a perfect storm on beats. Hailing from Mount Holly, NJ, Dash began freestyling and writing ryhmes at the age of 11. After years of success in the Battle Circuit and several impressive projects including the hip-hop group, “Deuces Wild’s release, The Mis-Deal”, Dash combined the honed abilities with Rain to form a hip-hop/R&B spectacle that is years ahead of it’s time.





Rain is a R&B powerhouse. Born in Mount Holly, NJ, Rain began playing the drums and singing in church at the age of only 6. Realizing his natural skill and obvious talented soulful voice, Rain went on to build a strong resume of achievements. Opening for huge acts such Boq Wow, Jaheim, T.I. and the Young Bloods. Rain shapened his skill to a fine edge and combined with Dash to bring their jaw-dropping vision of music to the world.







Welcome To The Future of Music

Kollabo is the most enigmatic duo in the game today. Under the guidance of Go Records, this hip-hop and R&B collaborative unit is the first to successfully merge the two genres and bring forth a sound that is far more than just a gimmick. Both Dash and Rain are accomplished artists in their rights and combined, they form a tandem that captures everything we love about current hip-hop and R&B and formats it in a way that is both right on time and still ahead of itself. Their perfect blend of styles create infectious hooks, hypnotic verses, and beautifully sculpted bridges. Their songs leave you wanting for nothing except for the DJ to bring it back! Their stage presence is top notch. They look like platinum selling artists. Their music is in a lane of its own and still exactly what hip-hop and R&B fans are craving. They are the present. They are the future. They are KOLLABO.